>EA shutting down more online servers


EA has announced another wave of server shutdowns that will effectively remove all online support from previously supported online titles.

Most are sports game from a couple years ago, notably LOTR games are losing their online servers due to a license expiration.



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6 Responses to >EA shutting down more online servers

  1. Derek S. says:

    >That sucks about the servers! It's too bad a lot of games nowadays aren't worth squat without the multiplayer servers being up and running… anyways, nice blog! Following =D

  2. Smile says:

    >I've always been a fan of sports games so let them come:)PS u have captcha on for comments, it makes it a pain to comment

  3. mrecan says:

    >it is really unpleasant for EA to turn their back on old games. damn i still play fifa08 with my friends

  4. >Okay, thanks for telling!

  5. Zoe says:

    >@smile.Oh! I'm sorry about that, I've disabled them now 🙂

  6. HiFi says:

    >Nice blog! 🙂 Great information here. It's too bad about the servers. You know, with every year that EA releases a sports title, they could just make expansions, thereby not really having to have dedicated servers for every iteration.

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