>Review: Amnesia The Dark Decent

>Oh my gosh, I finally finished Amnesia The Dark Decent and I felt it deserved a review.

Amnesia: The Dark Decent
Amnesia the Dark Decent places you in the role of Daniel, a man from London who has awoken in Castle Brennenburg with, you guessed it, amnesia.

Daniel can only remember bits of pieces of his past life, but he is constantly refreshed by finding scraps of his own journal along the way. Daniel’s journal serves as a great way to advance the plot by explaining your current situation, and the events that lead up to your predicament.

Daniel is being haunted by an unknown evil, and to fight back he has– nothing. The only way you can survive in this game is to run and hide. Being in the darkness causes your mind to wander, and you will become insane; there is a great balancing act between staying in the light and hiding from the evil that chases you.

Amnesia works on a great psychics engine, you have to pull and push doors open, turn levers and solve psychics based puzzles. Solving puzzles reduces your insanity and helps you advance through the game, while they are not quite hard, they offer a good challenge.

This game is absolutely terrifying, and should only be played with headphones and in the dark. This is what survival horror should be, and my hat is off to Frictional Games for putting out another great title.

Review score: A-


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5 Responses to >Review: Amnesia The Dark Decent

  1. >hmm, ill have to check this game out!

  2. tomi991 says:

    >wonderful, might try it myself!

  3. >Wow, you got a really legit blog. I'm going to be following and playing this game.

  4. Major.Mack says:

    >Yeah ill check it out. thanks…i havent heard of it

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