>New Screens Of Ocarina Of Time’s 3DS Remake



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18 Responses to >New Screens Of Ocarina Of Time’s 3DS Remake

  1. PcTutorial says:

    >I think it's will be nice remake 🙂

  2. Isaac says:

    >Wow this looks better than expected on the DS

  3. mrecan says:

    >always wanted to play a zelda game.do the graphics look awesome for a hand console or am i really out of date with the technology?

  4. Solsby Kid says:

    >Wow, never knew the DS had graphics like this. Would like to get one some day…

  5. BTN Hip Hop says:

    >its looking really good, is it just me or is it looking even better than it did originally!

  6. Bart says:

    >this is for ds? thats pretty good.

  7. Golden Era says:

    >Wow. I wish i had some video games to play. OoT brings back memories.

  8. Jorje says:

    >never liked these kind of arcade games. i prefer RPG's:D

  9. Ichirandu says:

    >wow looks just like N64 graphics

  10. LoneIslander says:

    >Looks pretty cool. Could work out well.

  11. >ocarina of time is my fav part of zelda…cant wait for this remake followin youvisit my place: http://www.yourchilltime.blogspot.com

  12. Major.Mack says:

    >is this for DS, I didnt know it had graphics like this either

  13. Marduk says:

    >I kind of want to get it now.

  14. Les says:

    >I don't care that I've finished it so many times, I am buying this so hard.

  15. Copyboy says:

    >I was going to say it looks like Zelda, but I guess it actually is.

  16. 1904 Blogger says:

    >one of my favorite games! i might have to get a DS just for this

  17. thenitefalls says:

    >I might have to just get a 3ds for my favorite zelda game 😀

  18. JayPower says:

    >I literally cant wait for this!Keep me updated, been following the news on this one for a while now ;D

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