>New Skyrim scans!

>Exciting 🙂


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I love video games :)
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9 Responses to >New Skyrim scans!

  1. PcTutorial says:

    >hmm, nice post 🙂

  2. Smile says:

    >Looks great. If you have trouble scanning you could try taking a picture it's easy and it has better quality

  3. >really looking forward to the new elder scrolls!hope they keep up the pace they have on the industry

  4. Dorgee says:

    >Oh that looks interesting. Maybe I'll give it a try because i really enjoyed Oblivion.

  5. >Looking alot like oblivion and that makes me sadd 😦 what province are they doing this game in?

  6. JayPower says:

    >How long till release? cant wait personally, such a fan ;D

  7. Speedy Ed says:

    >oh wow , gonna be quality 😀

  8. Teutorix says:

    >Nice pics, hope the game will be awesome!

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