>Tetris on Ocarina of Time

>oh my gosh this is so amazing. lol


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I love video games :)
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14 Responses to >Tetris on Ocarina of Time

  1. >He looks like one of those kids that would spend his break figuring that out. Hes got talent but I must say that I'm not that jealous.

  2. Zoey says:

    >I agree, but someone had to figure this out 😛

  3. BTN Hip Hop says:

    >love easter eggs in games

  4. Major.Mack says:

    >WTF that kid didnt blink once!

  5. Les says:

    >wow. That's awesome.

  6. Copyboy says:

    >That is amazing. I wish I had that kid's talent…Or the time to do that.

  7. Horuss says:

    >lol interesting

  8. Golden Era says:

    >I love tetris and I loved OoT. What's not to like here!

  9. Marduk says:

    >I laughed…so hard.

  10. >That glance could melt snow.

  11. >If only I had that much time on my hands… hahah, actually I would spend my time doing better things… like writing a blog :Phttp://lifeofbaron.blogspot.com

  12. mrecan says:

    >omg lovet it! so awesome

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