>A minute of Paper Mario 3DS. Lookin’ great!

>I might have to buy a 3DS just for the new Paper Mario 😀

I am so excited for the 3DS, all these amazing games 😀

off-topic video of epicness:


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I love video games :)
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12 Responses to >A minute of Paper Mario 3DS. Lookin’ great!

  1. 1904 Blogger says:

    >agreed, looks like imma have to get a 3DS myself too

  2. mrecan says:

    >bwooaahh the second one is awesomeand cant wait for the new mario

  3. Les says:

    >3ds is going to be so awesome.

  4. Tango Anglo says:

    >Ah Mario, the franchise that just wont die. Second video was awesome. Following and hoping for more!

  5. MikeyB says:

    >yeah , it does look good i agree

  6. LoneIslander says:

    >Oh man I love Ronald Jenkees.

  7. Brut says:

    >Too bad the 3DS is going to cause record breaking cases of dementia among small children.

  8. thenitefalls says:

    >3DS is coming up with the best games ever 🙂

  9. BTN Hip Hop says:

    >paper mario brings back so many memories, i maye have to purchase a 3DS just to play that game alomne

  10. ootori says:

    >I cannot wait for the frikn 3ds man. Too sweet

  11. >paper mario…good idea 🙂 looks cool

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