>PSP2 might be revealed soon…


Sony is on the verge of finally announcing new handheld, MCV sources have confirmed
The industry will finally find out what form the PSP2 will take at a press event in Tokyo on January 27th, trade sources have confirmed to MCV.


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Sony’s worst kept secret is the PSP2, rumors are abundant, as well as leaked images of the product (see above). It’s rumored to have graphics that will rival the ps3, although I doubt that. Let’s just wait until January 27th to see what Sony has in store for it’s new hand-held.

Now here is the real question, will you be picking up a PSP2, A 3DS, or both?
I’m defiantly getting a 3DS and I’ll wait to see what sony has to offer with it’s PSP2.


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13 Responses to >PSP2 might be revealed soon…

  1. NooG says:

    >I'm so sick of the DS… I've been waiting for Sony to step up their game… Great blog! Followin!

  2. Rawr says:

    >nice post, but it think… 3DS will be better

  3. BTN Hip Hop says:

    >they always seem to release a new psp

  4. G says:

    >Can't wait for this to launch.Good post – one more follower!

  5. Lorenzo says:

    >i hope it has better graphical potential

  6. >Looks cool but I don't know if it will beat out the 3DS, I mean the 3DS has a 3D screen and they are remaking Ocarina of Time for it… I was sold once I heard that.Btw I thoroughly enjoy checking your blog.:)

  7. HiFi says:

    >Whoa, nice find. That's some seriously spy photo clips.

  8. Tango Anglo says:

    >PSP2 because it'll actually have violent games. Nintendo is geared towards kids.

  9. Horuss says:

    >cool never knew this

  10. Josh says:

    >I haven't heard about this yet..

  11. JohnH says:

    >New shits coming all the time. Don't hold your breath guys, you may suffocate.

  12. Gizmo says:

    >nitendo over ps, always 😛

  13. DeMichel says:

    >Hmmm. 1st PSP don't have a lot of games, but Gran Turismo, Tekken and God of War is the must have series. Maybe if i have money, I will pickup a PSP2

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