>Minecraft has one million sales…

>and it’s still in beta!

That’s right Minecraft has officially surpassed one million sales and the game hasn’t even been officially released. The early success of Minecraft has propelled Mojang Specifications from a lonely one man operation to a real development studio with multiple employees.

Minecraft Statistics can be found here

Good news for Notch.

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15 Responses to >Minecraft has one million sales…

  1. dubstep says:

    >Hard to believe! Can't wait till it actually comes out

  2. 1904 Blogger says:

    >ugh i need a mouse for this laptop so i can play

  3. Das Auto! says:

    >minecraft this, mindcraft that.. it's like i can't get away from this game!! and i don't even play it! maybe i should try it, it's just the cost that throws me off

  4. mrecan says:

    >minecraft's popularity and rise is so amazingi wish i had a nice idea like that

  5. JayPower says:

    >I love minecraft! this is amazing ;D

  6. BTN Hip Hop says:

    >never played the game but those are some amazing stats, remarkable how it grew so quickly

  7. thenitefalls says:

    >wow I didn't know minecraft sold over one million! That's a lot for a beta game!

  8. Mistic says:

    >I have heard so much about it yet have never seen any screen shots or what not. Can you supply some in another post?

  9. Dorgee says:

    >Wait did the price go up?

  10. Solsby Kid says:

    >Haha awesome! I look forward to this one! 🙂

  11. JohnH says:

    >That is insane. For pre release sales to be that high. Really unique stuff

  12. Kraut says:

    >Why does everyone love Minecraft?

  13. runewake2 says:

    >I bet that one day Minecraft will be multiplatform. Them what? People buy new Xbox's and Wii's to play the great epic Minecraft. That will be the day.Actually playing a Kenect or Wii version of Minecraft would be fun. Though it would get really tiring.

  14. Vapor says:

    >I'm not surprised, it's an awesome game.

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