>Shogun 2: Total War Campaign Trailer

Is anyone else excited for the new addition to the Total War franchise? I sure am.

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24 Responses to >Shogun 2: Total War Campaign Trailer

  1. >I am quite excited for this. My wallet, on the other hand, is not so enthusiastic (unemployed).

  2. JohnH says:

    >berlooody love this series. not sure if i'll have the time right away but i'll be sure to have a bash with it sometime

  3. JayPower says:

    >Im soooo excited, cant wait ;D

  4. bruno says:

    >like itfollowing

  5. Blink says:

    >never played total war, but might have to check it out after seeing this trailer!

  6. Vapor says:

    >Sweet! I love TW!

  7. Rawr says:

    >*.* looks amazing

  8. Brut says:

    >I really enjoyed Total War.. this looks pretty awesome too, I might check it out.

  9. >im always big time excited for total war games, i used to merc shogun back when i was a chap

  10. Copyboy says:

    >I'm old enough to have remember the 1970s miniseries. BTW…made you blog of the day.

  11. thenitefalls says:

    >I love the total war series! Looking forward to this 😀

  12. Tango Anglo says:

    >I'm such a baby. I always felt bad sending hundreds of guys to their doom. I guess that's why I could neverZerg rush, kekeke

  13. mrecan says:

    >i wasnt a fan of strategy games until rome total warnow im sure this one is going to be awesome too

  14. BTN Hip Hop says:

    >ive always loved the franchise, this looks to deliver the usual goal

  15. Jorje says:

    >i just love samurais!

  16. >It looks pretty good so far ^^

  17. DeMichel says:

    >from Total War series, I've only play a Rome Total War, and it was just great. But now i prefer to play Civilization 😀

  18. Teutorix says:

    >loved the franchise can't wait for this one

  19. Solsby Kid says:

    >Been waiting for this for agers!!! Cant wait!!!

  20. G says:

    >ssssooooooo want to play this!

  21. Marduk says:

    >It's looks like civilization but better!

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