>Let’s Play: Modded Oblivion part 2

>I clear a dungeon and join the dark brother hood!
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKgkUgA%5D

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28 Responses to >Let’s Play: Modded Oblivion part 2

  1. >I think I am actually most familiar with the Dark Brotherhood quests. I somehow always ended up doing them (you know, not that I intentionally murdered one or two people while playing).

  2. Tsipise says:

    >I don't know this game. Looks good! Follwing!

  3. CRizzo says:

    >very good gameplay video, i really love this game

  4. Dudemeister says:

    >Good for you, mate. Good for you.

  5. erics says:

    >dark brothers unite!

  6. G says:

    >Cool vid – watching it makes me want to dig out oblivion and lose a couple of weeks

  7. LeX says:

    >The only thing I hate about this game is dungeons.

  8. Hans Krüger says:

    >Woah, When I saw your character, I thought due to the long hair his weakness may be attacks from the left, he might not see them coming in time!

  9. Reilly says:

    >imma following man

  10. LoneIslander says:

    >Been a while since I've played Oblivion myself.

  11. >Nothing comes up but the COD on youtube works fine, very good.

  12. Zoe! says:

    >@ The Angry LurkerWorks just fine for me, and it seems for other people as well. :O maybe its you…

  13. Bart says:

    >this is great!

  14. thenitefalls says:

    >I gotta try Oblivion out soon! It looks really fun when you mod it out 😀

  15. Fruffles says:

    >Good lord I really want to play Oblivion so much now…

  16. brotosterone says:

    >any video game blog im therebrotosterone.blogspot.com

  17. level85nerd says:

    >Wish i had the game 🙂

  18. Some Guy says:

    >Never played Oblivion, so I can't tell what's a mod and what's not. Nevertheless it was an engaging video, looks like it was fun to make.

  19. Josh says:

    >Dark brotherhood quests are the best, keep this upppp

  20. Leon Smith says:

    >Dark Brotherhood. Best quest line in any game I have ever played.

  21. More Ducks says:

    >I don't like the style of gameplay on Oblivian. it feels to fake compared to one on one fighting games but I guess they aren't in the same category so…

  22. Doo says:

    >Wow, really good!

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