>It’s just me Gabe Newell…

>This can fill the void in my heart left by the lack of Episode 3.

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40 Responses to >It’s just me Gabe Newell…

  1. mrecan says:

    >oh this is so crazy

  2. Isaac says:

    >haha valve, u so crazy

  3. Body1 says:

    >hahaha crazi man…:)

  4. Tasty says:

    >lol wow wtf was that? What did I just watch?

  5. >Haha what the fuck did I just watch?

  6. wittle says:

    >meanwhile at valve . . . .

  7. G says:


  8. temptation says:

    >who the f*** is Gabe Newell? But a good re-mix

  9. >Seriously, what did I just watch? I need an explanation pronto!

  10. gekomaster says:

    >Haha crazy! following and supporting

  11. PS3 Fnatic says:

    >Hes fat but he makes good games

  12. >this is going to haunt my dreams

  13. Old Liam says:

    >I was hoping to see Gabe get roughed up a bit for all of the waiting that goes on. A man can dream.

  14. Le Coq Bleu says:

    >wtf did i just watch?

  15. Pureau says:

    >lmao… but I agree with the video title. I'm not sure whether Valve are running out of ideas or just lazy, but I reckon 80%+ of the people who played episode 2 want another one. It's not like they don't have enough money…

  16. Dudemeister says:

    >I feel like I've seen this before…but where?

  17. Neuro says:

    >The wait for Ep3 is driving me crazy…

  18. thenitefalls says:

    >Gabe Newell looks like a fat version of John Lennon LOL!

  19. Major.Mack says:

    >who the fuck is Gabe Newell..?

  20. Leon Smith says:

    >When will we get Episode 3? 😦

  21. Fruffles says:

    >what the fuck? He's pretty fat, haha.

  22. Alphalpha says:

    >Lol, it was awesome when Gabe tried to be a model!

  23. Doo says:

    >lol@valve, crazy video 😀

  24. >That brokeded my brain.Those jowls, flapping back and forth…. /borked.

  25. Nutcracko says:

    >I totally just had a wtf moment

  26. Yaffar says:

    >My brain is full of fuck righ now

  27. Lendo Khar says:

    >Enough with the fat jokes, I don't want to see episode 3 delayed again.

  28. Sharia says:

    >hahahah thats great!

  29. Some Guy says:

    >That was so intense!! Oh dear god please say he has more videos!

  30. DBtG5 says:

    >what is this i don't even…

  31. CRizzo says:

    >omg you almost killed me, he mad!1:49 I literally shed a tear.

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