>DRIVE ME CLOSER! I want to hit them with my sword!

>The Commissar Lord in Dawn of War II: Retribution made my lol hard.

For those of you who don’t understand, this is a pretty old Warhammer meme.

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41 Responses to >DRIVE ME CLOSER! I want to hit them with my sword!

  1. BlogTroll says:

    >Haha, only in games…

  2. >I could not stop laughing. I can't believe they put that in there.

  3. Tasty says:

    >xD!! I lol'd.Doesn't this fit with Halo though? I used to pull this shit with my friends…."Dude just drive right by.. I'll pop out and try to grab them with my sword.. when it's clear just ride back, if not I'll respawn….. Dude, no worries, there are like four elites, three jackals, and five grunts.. they don't even know we're there……we're only on Legendary dude… oh fuck can I respawn? what are we playing?" (already too late)xD! Good times… I ❤ rming from checkpoint :D.

  4. TreeBranchez says:

    >Ohh you play WarHammer? What's your gamertag?

  5. >lol i feel slightly nerdy XD

  6. Chris says:

    >lol @ hitting them with your sword

  7. kal says:

    >this is cute to me

  8. Anon Reader says:

    >I love this meme! Such a warhammer mindset – I don't care how much firepower I have – I want to hack you up!

  9. Waaaoi says:

    >haha. pretty old indeed

  10. Andrew says:

    >Those are the times it would be nice to ride in on something a bit more…old fashioned? Perhaps a horse or unicorn? I recently suggested a T-Rex on another page, but I don't know if they're all they are cracked up to be. T-Rexes are carnivorous: horses, unicorns and tanks are not.There's nothing like the glory the sword brings…Or at least an arrow.

  11. Bart says:

    >thats badass awesome

  12. Banacek says:

    >I've always been on the D&D side of an old school Warhammer 4ok/D&D rivalry but I appreciate the video.

  13. LoneIslander says:

    >I lawled pretty hard.

  14. MixedNuts says:

    >Even with out knowing it's a meme it's still funny. Ridding a tank and wants to use his sword.

  15. Hans Krüger says:

    >Only Americans find that funny! I lost half of my family in a drive-by swording. As we have strict gun control in Germany, thugs over here have to resort to this.

  16. >I, somehow, will work that quote into today's routine. I don't know how, but I *WILL* do it.

  17. Bassislv says:

    >lol, classic meme!

  18. Vapor says:

    >40k makes me happy.

  19. Justsayin' says:

    >LOL that's great 😀

  20. >Ahhh, 40k, the game of gloriously impractical violence

  21. Tsipise says:

    >It's almost like "all your base are belong to us"

  22. Plansetas says:

    >lol i imagine this thing in real battle.

  23. missmarie says:

    >LOL i remember that! oh god hahaha

  24. !sense! says:

    >what is with game designers

  25. Copyboy says:

    >Yeah, that is one of the funnier motivational posters. haha

  26. Facerolling says:

    >Haven't played 40k in a while, great game.

  27. >dawn of warhammer 🙂

  28. wittle says:

    >nice little pop culture gem put in by the robots that make our games.

  29. rickysha says:

    >Is this on Steam? Always wanted to play this.

  30. >I also want to watch how he hit them with his sword

  31. Brut says:

    >I love DoW2, this xpac looks awesome.

  32. forkfantasy says:

    >never seen the meme but that is awesome XD

  33. MArk says:

    >Seen the meme but not the video. I was just edjumacated as to the origins of this memorable pictorial.

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