>More information on Elder Scrolls V class system


There’ll be no classes in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but series creator Todd Howard insists the new system is more “elegant”.

During a GameInformer Podcast, Howard explained how the move will allow gamers experience to be more in line with their own style, and not as prescribed as previous installments.

“What we found in Oblivion – you start the game, you pick your race and you play for a while,” he said.

“Our intent was: you played for a while, you got to figure out some skills, and then depending on how you play… one of the characters asks you, ‘Okay, what kind of class do you want to be? Here’s my recommendation based on how you’ve been playing.’

“And sort of our thought process was, what if that guy never asked that? I was perfectly happy right before then, ya know, I was just playing the game and skills were going up, so we just got rid of that. You just play, and your skills go up as you play and the higher your skill, the more it affects your leveling. So it’s a really, really nice elegant system that kind of self-balances itself.”

Howard insisted the new system prevents players from picking a class that’s not suited to their natural style of play.

“What we found in Oblivion is people would play, and even though they played for a half hour and then they picked their class, it’s still – in the scheme of the games we make – not enough time to really understand all the skills and how they work”

“So people would play, and the general pattern would be they’d play for like, three hours and then ‘oh I picked the wrong skills, I’m going to start over’

“They weren’t necessarily upset about that, but to us, someone who’s making a game you’re like… ‘is there a way we can solve that? Is there a better way of doing it?’ And we think this is it.”

We’ll see how this all pans out when the game launches for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11th.

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26 Responses to >More information on Elder Scrolls V class system

  1. Blops Killer says:

    >Sound interesting I'll check it out once it comes out.

  2. thenitefalls says:

    >The anicpitation of this game is killing me!!!

  3. rickysha says:

    >So many hours put into oblivion… Can't wait for Skyrim!

  4. >Sounds interesting. This could either turn out really well, or really bad. Only time will tell.

  5. G says:

    >November is so far away!!!! I might die of expectation by then!!!

  6. Doo says:

    >Sounds quite cool! I might try it out. Don't know will I have time considering everything that is coming out.Oh and second year of collegeRight.

  7. >Sounds nice. Lets hope it is nice.

  8. CRS says:

    >Cannot wait for Skyrim! I like the idea of creating your own "class" as you progress through the game.

  9. Frosty says:

    >Interesting idea, and probably a good move

  10. Gaf says:

    >November is so far away!! 😦

  11. >videogames were never my thingy. Spider solitaire-hmmmmmm yumm:)

  12. Lendo Khar says:

    >I never could get into Oblivion. I found it boring, later I played Fallout 3 and that game was fantastic, pretty weird uh?

  13. >The new Final Fantasy MMO is like that. Want to be a new class? Just equip a new weapon and armor. All of a sudden your staff teaches you how to shoot massive fireballs from your fingers.um….really???

  14. Shelby Fox says:

    >I agree with this approach. It's much more fluid – I rarely know how I want to play the game when I first start, but most RPGs make you choose. This way, I can work at the combat/spells I like and, logically, receive a boost to my play style.

  15. Das Auto! says:

    >the game play sounds quite good, im interested

  16. Neuro says:

    >wow that sounds awesome!

  17. Tasty says:

    >I hope this means I won't be forced to grind if I want a good char.

  18. Rick S. says:

    >Gotta love a nice "elegant" system! haha

  19. Josh says:

    >My body is ready

  20. Evan says:

    >Definitely different. Not a big console gamer, but I'd buy it just to see how it feels.

  21. Con Queso says:

    >I loved morrowind, I liked Oblivion…BRING IT BETHESDA !

  22. mrecan says:

    >everytime i read news about skyrim, i tremble with excitement man

  23. Body1 says:

    >Cool postingI wait on my blog

  24. erics says:

    >it's been a while since i've logged onto oblivion. i do miss it.

  25. Anon Reader says:

    >I like every other self respecting elder scrolls lover can't wait for this! If it's out by November the 11th in England though I'll chew of my own arm!

  26. >can't wait to get it on xbox360!!

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