>Kevin Butler retweets PS3’s ‘jailbreak code’


Recently Sony has been threating to sue anyone who is “distributing” the jailbreak code for the PlayStation 3 gaming console. 
Sony’s lawyers have recently asked a judge to subpoena Google, Twitter, and Paypal in attempt to gather information of those who have viewed or commented on, or about the jailbreak. Their request for a subpoena was denied. 
This brings us to what happened on Kevin Butler’s twitter page; Kevin Butler is Sony’s (fictional) spokesperson, and holds many (also fictional) positions within the company. It seems Sony is trying to keep their VP of tweet-relations out of the loop when it comes to this very real news event. 
Travis La Marr (aka @exiva) tweeted the PS3 METLDR root key at Bulter with the challange “Come at me”, Bulter’s reaction was to retweet the entire thing, confusing it with a Battleship reference. Obviously someone at Sony realized the mistake, and the tweet has since been removed. 

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33 Responses to >Kevin Butler retweets PS3’s ‘jailbreak code’

  1. donga5000 says:

    >Awesome, they tricked this guy good

  2. temptation says:

    >"Their request for a subpoena was denied."i think the only option in this case

  3. Haezer says:

    >Great. No console is indifferent to the power of hacking eheh.

  4. Kindros says:

    >That is amazing. 🙂 Grats to @exiva!

  5. G says:

    >never realised he liked Battleship so much lol

  6. Bassislv says:

    >i don't think all this pirating on the ps3 is that bad though, psone and 2 were pirated too and they were still sucessfull

  7. Con Queso says:

    >LOL, Ah…Ignorance can be sweet. YOU FRAGGED MY FRIGATE!

  8. Linksss says:

    >what does jailbreaking mean?

  9. level85nerd says:

    >Jailbreaking should be legal.

  10. Evan says:

    >LOLOL this is awesome. I don't have a PS3 (or 2 or 1 for that matter) but I hate to see consoles get locked down like sony is trying to do. Bad PR imo.

  11. Jondel says:

    >I thought that this was funny. Sony stop trying so hard

  12. Lendo Khar says:

    >Oh wow, hahaha. People should recognize hex code.

  13. >can i subpoena anyone I dont like?

  14. gekomaster says:

    >I saw that, really funny!

  15. wutssz says:

    >Dumb shit ever. Sony should like they take with other consoles that was hacked/cracked. Do nothing. If PSN was really awesome maybe they could do something but it isn't.

  16. Doo says:

    >Of course the subpoena was rejected. What the hell is sony thinking :OThey are trying too hard. Oh and thanks for adding me to your list 🙂 I'll do the same as soon as I get my new layout finished =] Cheers!

  17. Doo says:

    >Interesting thing is, your blog choices are also some of my favorites 🙂 I follow all of them =]

  18. Bart says:

    >that guy is awesome. the number is right by the girls mouth

  19. SilverSon says:

    >Yeah, I heard about this. I'm not sure if it was the actual Kevin Butler, or his writer (or whomever), but it's still funny nonetheless. Nice layout btw.

  20. prelude1221 says:

    >Wow, insane that Sony thinks they can sue people for their own thoughts. What do you think Zoe?

  21. Andrew says:

    >They should just say that they wanted people to do it and congratulate them on it…like some other major companies have done recently.

  22. >hahaha I wish I saw it first hand!

  23. >hahahaha. I heard about this. Also your banner is sick!!

  24. >Haha, stuff like this is wonderful! ^ _ ^

  25. Body1 says:

    >Nice post!!I went here today!!!$upporting

  26. >Ignorance is bliss. This is priceless.

  27. LeX says:

    >i would love to mode my ps3

  28. Volcom says:

    >oh kevin butler, you're still a winner in my book :)his battleship = sony

  29. rickysha says:

    >haha this is too funny.

  30. Ramsay says:

    >haha that's amazing, nobody said you had to have a brain to play the VP of Sony on TV I suppose. He got trolled bad!

  31. Tasty says:

    >LOL YES! I fucking love it dude.

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