>Starcraft 2 – Debo’s Banshee Harassment


“Debo plays for the crowd, not to actually win”

Debo simply does not care how you want him to play StarCraft 2, he will dominate you regardless. 

“I’m pokin’ ya shit, are you gettin’ mad?”
“I got two banshees, let’s see how I can hustle this…”
“Templar? Templar!? Fuck Yo’ Templar Nigga!”


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30 Responses to >Starcraft 2 – Debo’s Banshee Harassment

  1. Linksss says:

    >Starcraft 2 is my jam. I am literally addicted to it haha

  2. Andrew says:

    >Seeing this reminds me of living in Korea. You know they have channels on TV devoted to Starcraft? They also have a lot of math and science channels too, but it sure does make for a lot of nerds! Funny one!

  3. >I wish my gaming computer was fixed…. GAHHHHH.

  4. Niko says:

    >Shootin up my little laser beam!Killed yo templar BITCH!Debo is like the Leroy Jenkins of SC2. This guy is great. Good vid.

  5. Major.Mack says:

    >addictive shit….. im staying away for now 🙂

  6. !sense! says:

    >that is some high level theory crafting right there.

  7. >TV channels devoted to Starcraft….excellent.

  8. >I really could not stop laughing. He's just flying around messing with ****."Its a massacre!!!"

  9. TreeBranchez says:

    >Everyone seems to be playing Starcraft these days…

  10. F says:

    >Reminds me I still have to close the campaign on hard, lack of time + laziness = killer

  11. PvtCarlin says:

    >I hate banshees! They can be very very annoying.

  12. Banacek says:

    >Is there a Starcraft 12 steps program?

  13. >LMFAO nice post man 😀

  14. mrecan says:

    >god this is awesome

  15. AssortedNews says:

    >Always welcome some SC2 videos.

  16. Nie Mand says:

    >I still prefer the old Starcraft BW, much better for a lan 🙂

  17. Rankulus says:

    >Favorited so I can watch later :3

  18. Robert Fünf says:

    >Hahaaha I love the commentary.

  19. Rondariel says:

    >Nice. Urgh, I'll have to get my computer fixed so I can start playing again…

  20. runewake2 says:

    >Star Craft 2 is ok. Not my favorite because Blizzard turned evil somewhere between it and Warcraft but whatever. So I can't LAN and I need an Internet connection to play (I finally got one a while back), it's not an MMO! Star Craft and Warcraft were great LAN games. Starcraft 2 isn't. A Pitty really.

  21. Choms1337 says:

    >Today I was play SC II first time and I get owned 2 times :/

  22. wutssz says:

    >I don't have skills to play sc2. I'll watch the vid later.

  23. >We have a black guy like this in our guild on WoW (yeah, I'm a nerd) and he really just makes the whole thing worth playing.

  24. >Haha, Problem Zerglings?

  25. rickysha says:

    >I remember I used to banshee rush. I won a bunch of games in a row before people figured out how to properly counter. Now I just suck…

  26. Volcom says:

    >Everyone's playing sc2 nowadays huh

  27. James says:

    >Templar? fuck yo templar nigga. When he laughs I laugh so hard

  28. Tasty says:

    >lol at the guy who's telling him when to cloak."He's got banshees cloaked everywhere, he doesn't know what the fuck is going on!"This is one of those gem vids. Got a great laugh man, thanks.

  29. >i played this game at a friends house…got owned by a north korean

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