>Black Ops: Mouthful of Crossbow

>There’s nothing more satisfying then getting an epic frag, other times you just have a hilarious in-game moment; this happens to be both.

So sit-back and enjoy the highly acclaimed master piece: “Mouthful of Crossbow”


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I love video games :)
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37 Responses to >Black Ops: Mouthful of Crossbow

  1. Das Auto! says:

    >that's awesome, i wish i could get an awesome kill like this

  2. Nik Mekeena says:

    >Great post! keep up the good bloggin

  3. swagdigital says:

    >Haha. That was an amazing kill!

  4. donga5000 says:

    >I love rediculous kills, great video. lol

  5. >Woah, how in the heck did he make that shot!

  6. Bulk Up Baba says:

    >Click , Click , Click , BOOM!!Awesome frag.

  7. yossarian says:

    >haha that was an awesome kill. cool video find!

  8. >nicely done, i saw another video where someone threw a knife overtop of a bulding and it killed someone on the other side, what are the odds eh lol

  9. >Clips like this makes me want to play, but I should sleep really.

  10. 'Auana says:

    >lol thats pretty epic!

  11. Niko says:

    >Oh shit! That was awesome!

  12. JR says:

    >that was an amazing shot! Reminds me of the epic throwing knife kill from CODMW2 that is out on youtube. Why can't I ever get an amazing kill like that?

  13. I'm A Viking says:

    >That was fairly hilarious 😀

  14. Doc_Waffles says:

    >Oh wow, smart and skill.

  15. adammac says:

    >hahaha that's amazing. Right in the chompers. I'll be following your blog as well, thanks for the comments!

  16. Berate says:

    >That's awesome, man. I was searching everywhere for the comments!Anyway, I like your layout too. Keep it up. I'm following!

  17. Ajora says:

    >Very nice. Interesting blogspot layout btw!

  18. >Brilliant kill on a great game.

  19. >That was……amazing. That could not have possibly been real. lol

  20. >"bwaaa? this tastes funny…"

  21. Evan says:

    >What a shot. thats unreal. The crossbow is soo bard to use

  22. LeX says:

    >i love that weapon

  23. Ramsay says:

    >Holy shit that's epic! haha I own black ops but haven't had much of a chance to play it, the campaign was amazing though. Thanks for the follow I'll definitely be doing the same! Your blog seems like it'll be alot of fun.

  24. rickysha says:

    >No way, that was insane!

  25. Isaac says:

    >lol nom nom nom

  26. Tasty says:

    >Wow. Just so much wow. I can't believe that shot lol.

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