>Rage Quit: Ninja Gaiden 2


I cannot get enough of this guy, he just get’s so angry I can’t help but laugh till I cry. 
Absolutely genius to film him playing these games.
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I love video games :)
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58 Responses to >Rage Quit: Ninja Gaiden 2

  1. gcphillips1 says:

    >lool, keep up the posts, more of this please!

  2. Linksss says:

    >i dont get why some people get so angry but this guy is hilarious

  3. Romeo Tango says:

    >Funny stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. >Very good, I used to suffer from this a lot but I'm a lot better now.

  5. >Looks like this ninja is too slow XD

  6. >If I had a nickle for the many controllers I broke playing the original….

  7. Brightview says:

    >lol I love when people rage.

  8. TreeBranchez says:

    >Even though I see Ninja Gaiden for like ยฃ1 in stores, I refuse to buy it, because I KNOW just how frustrating Itagi makes his games :L

  9. D4 says:

    >LMAOOOOOOO ahahahahaha these things always get me!

  10. jonwinters says:

    >i raged a few times playing this game, but never like that, haha. hard as fuck.

  11. PvtCarlin says:

    >OMG, this is hilarious! Reminds me of the video of the guy playing that modded mario game and keeps dying to dumb shit.

  12. Banacek says:

    >hahaha He's so angry!

  13. >i dunno man, that game pissed me off pretty badly too

  14. >That is some excellent rage! Nice find.

  15. Body1 says:

    >like game!!!I wait on my blog!!!

  16. Araita says:

    >Now that was hilarous, I cant stop laughing!

  17. DBtG5 says:

    >Hahaha the piano at the beginning…

  18. Rob says:

    >I always love rage quits, they are hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. lovebloggin says:

    >hahaha that was hilarious

  20. Tsipise says:

    >That's so cool! I laughed my ass off with the Machinima vids on Half Life. You should try those. The commenter is awesome.

  21. missmarie says:

    >i got wobble around and shit?! hahahah this was AWESOME.

  22. Vapor says:

    >I'm absolutely in love with this guy.

  23. BlogTroll says:

    >haha, rage guy ๐Ÿ˜€ nice clip again zoe ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. >I was waiting for him to say "THATS A FUCKING 50 DKP-MINUS!!" Wow. The breathing makes it that much better. "He hit me in the DICK!"

  25. Justsayin' says:

    >LOL! That's awesome. Thanks for the laugh. ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Gar Daniels says:

    >haha, i love this guy.

  27. GADAFINY says:

    >he is funny but can't play or he's dieing on purpose to be funny so he can get views .I finished this game and it's very easy even on hard it's till easy for me

  28. Dudemeister says:

    >That game is weird anyway.

  29. JR says:

    >hahaha that is awesome! I used to throw some controllers here and there but never quite got to the rage level this guy is working with. I am impressed.

  30. Anon Reader says:

    >Don't think I've ever been that angry about anything let alone a game haha.

  31. thenitefalls says:

    >LOL I wouldn't blame him for getting angry! That loading screen is ridiculous too

  32. LA.Diets says:

    >I really like the design of your page brah.

  33. Volcom says:

    >haha f**king hilarious!but anyway I hate ninja gaiden

  34. adammac says:

    >Haha that looks like a terrible game.

  35. NooG says:

    >hahaha this kid sucks… the most important thing in NG is blocking at the right time… THAT FUCKING BRIDGE

  36. Kindros says:

    >Wow, just wow. lol

  37. rickysha says:

    >I remember renting this game for a week, didn't manage to finish it. It was just to difficult.

  38. Josh says:

    >Yeah, I could never get into it.

  39. donga5000 says:

    >Ninja Gaiden is a pain in the dick to play. I've had a few of these moments myself ๐Ÿ˜ก

  40. Warlaw says:

    >HOLY COW, that was hilarious! I am seriously in love with this guy. Anyway, thanks for putting this up or I wouldn't of found it otherwise. I hope you post more stuff on a daily basis!

  41. Isaac says:

    >hahahah I love it when people rage quit, makes me smile especially if im responsible

  42. MArk says:

    >Games are always more fun when you get into it like this instead of thinking oh well I died I guess I'll restart

  43. Ion762 says:

    >that was great thanks for the post

  44. temptation says:

    >nice video. it seems to be a great game

  45. swagdigital says:

    >Haha! That's amazing, I enjoyed that.

  46. >Okay, seriously, if you just posted Rage Quit videos every single day, I would still stop by.

  47. Rondariel says:

    >Pahaha so entertaining.

  48. wutssz says:


  49. James says:


  50. Bassislv says:

    >HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was awesome, i think i'll check his other videos

  51. Haezer says:

    >Seems kinda cool.

  52. Evan says:

    >hahah lololol thats really funny man

  53. Tasty says:

    >LOL WOW. Fucking HILARIOUS! This guy should do voice acting or something!

  54. KillerKun says:

    >Hahaha this guy is insane!! wonderful and hilariuos ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. Chris says:

    >lol @ rage quitting

  56. Justsayin' says:

    >He is so awesome! LMAO!!!

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