>Real Life Mario Kart


Real Life Mario Kart is Back
French comedian Rémi Gaillard returns with a sequel to his first real life Mario Kart stunt

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62 Responses to >Real Life Mario Kart

  1. watchman says:

    >there is no way that is legal

  2. Bassislv says:

    >i lol'd, nice post

  3. Linksss says:

    >hahaha i should not be surprised to see this. what a funny idea

  4. ChefJRH says:

    >Damn that was awesome! I can't believe he actually went out and did this.

  5. Ajora says:

    >hahahahaha wow. I remember the first part when the mall cop was chasing him.

  6. Skirt says:

    >Holy…. Shit….

  7. Dwrek says:

    >Remy is the man ! That is too funny.

  8. Mac says:

    >HAHA wow that is so incredibly amazing

  9. Doo says:

    >Hhaahaha Remi Gaillard is epic win! However, haven't seen this yet, thanks for sharing ! 😀

  10. >This guy has an enormous pair of balls. I love this vid!

  11. Lendo Khar says:

    >Oh my god, that was hilarious, thanks for the video it's super fresh, not even 5k views in youtube, that surprises me.

  12. Ramsay says:

    >OMG that is epic, if I could buy one of those I completely would! This is the best car I've seen haha.

  13. rickysha says:

    >Haha this is too damn funny. This guy went into a grocery shop, hilarious.

  14. >if I happen to real Mario in life i am screaming and calling for help

  15. Leon Smith says:

    >Haha, that was amazing!

  16. Tasty says:

    >WOW OMG! This is so genius and hilarious. I lol'd the entire time! xDThank you so much for sharing!

  17. Yawgy says:

    >Oh shit son, that's hilarious and epic!

  18. Das Auto! says:

    >i've seen all this guy's videos.. he's french i think. awesome stuff

  19. erics says:

    >ya ya this is awesome! thanks for turning me onto this guy.

  20. >thats hillarious, can't believe someone had the balls to do thathe's prolly gettin all the ladies lol

  21. swagdigital says:

    >That's amazing. I wanna be in one of his videos.

  22. runewake2 says:

    >This guy is amazing! How do you come up with this kind of thing.

  23. Con Queso says:

    >I'm curious about how much trouble he got into.

  24. MixedNuts says:

    >That's one awesome kart he got there.

  25. KillerKun says:

    >Haha how dangerous!! amazing i Love that guy!!

  26. Bart says:

    >lmfao great find.

  27. Polybius says:

    >Remi is the best!

  28. Ion762 says:

    >that was great loved mario kart as a kid

  29. >lolol I love Mario Kart!! =]

  30. The Game says:

    >I love this guys videos, they are really awesome 😀

  31. -DO- says:

    >Remi Gaillard is my hero, love the one video where he plays soccer in the city

  32. Niko says:

    >This guys is a riot. His real life Pacman was hilarious too.

  33. Anon Reader says:

    >Lmfao, absolutely class!

  34. >Unbelievable, that's ridicilous.LOL

  35. Body1 says:

    >Nice post!!I wait on my blog!!

  36. phil says:

    >Haha, that's awesome! loved it!

  37. gcphillips1 says:

    >Ah man I love that video, Remi Gaillard has wasted HOURS of my time in the past, crazy football skills as well

  38. Banacek says:

    >I can't believe he isn't in jail yet. Good for him.

  39. temptation says:

    >ahaha great. i love the bananas in the storeRémi Gaillard is just epic

  40. Calamari says:

    >How odd, someone showed me this last night. Nevertheless I loved it. My favourite bit is probably when the security guards goes absolutely crazy in the car park when he throws a banana skin. It reminds me of this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oXx0qwe0wc

  41. DBtG5 says:

    >Lol! I love this shit.

  42. Daan says:

    >He is awesome, hero

  43. Timotej says:

    >haha that's funny, btw I love your background/theme :))

  44. Chris says:

    >lol he's a real life troll

  45. AssortedNews says:

    >Ha, great followup to his first one.

  46. JR says:

    >hahaha that is awesome! It seems like that go-cart has some serious speed to it. I want one

  47. >This dude is awesome, especially his soccer aim is world class!

  48. yermolay says:

    >remi is always classic

  49. Brut says:

    >Oh man I love the mario video haha

  50. Rawr says:

    >Rémi Gaillard is funckin awesome 😀

  51. Plansetas says:

    >Haha i love Remi Gillard his pranks are always most awesome.

  52. Jamie says:

    >This stuff. Is amazing. I hope he is able to make a lot more 😀

  53. wittle says:

    >i wish i was this creative!

  54. Tal Zahn says:

    >That… is the best thing ever! Especially loved him getting chased and stopped. I choked with laughter when he threw a plastic turtle though.

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