>Dead Island’s New Trailer is Intense


Dead Island’s New Trailer
A very powerful video palindrome

Dead Island has was first announced back in 2007 and information has been very scarce since then. Today Techland (the games developer) released an announcement trailer, which is not only visually stunning, but emotionally powerful. 

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Now in reverse:

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37 Responses to >Dead Island’s New Trailer is Intense

  1. Warlaw says:

    >Shut up and take my money! Looks really good, thank you thank you for posting this.

  2. Linksss says:

    >what else has this publisher made?

  3. >Wow, god damn. Can't wait for this to come out.

  4. Rob says:

    >I may have lost part of my soul, it ran off to wait with my copy of this game, only to return when I purchase this.

  5. mersheemer says:

    >that song was sick forwards and backwards. OH, and the trailer was cool too. ha.

  6. mersheemer says:

    >the song was sick forwards and backwards. OH, and the trailers were cool too. ha.

  7. Ramsay says:

    >I love the horror game genre, they're great lulling you then scaring the shit out of you! The graphics on this look amazing as well.

  8. >I love that it looks so emotionally engaging. I just hope the gameplay is as good as the trailer.

  9. Das Auto! says:

    >damn, this is a pretty crazy premise. you know it's gonna be intense when you start off with a dead little girl lol

  10. donga5000 says:

    >Love this trailer, beautiful and awesome at the same time. damn you for making me want this game.

  11. Niko says:

    >I hate you! I haven't cried like that, since, ever.Damn, that is one of the greatest video game trailers I have ever seen. Usually people go with explosions and gore, but this….brilliant.

  12. Byakuya says:

    >I want this game. I need this game.

  13. >Really cool trailer, a bit long and slow mo'y but thats for effect i know.Zombies are always ftw

  14. >Zombies and gaming, what's not to like.

  15. Les says:

    >Brilliant trailer. This game looks pretty cool.

  16. Tasty says:

    >I literally got chills down my spine. I am so excited to see this game. Just, wow.

  17. D4 says:

    >'Now in reverse' ehehe. It helps.. but even the first one made me want this game. Looking forward to it.

  18. Choms1337 says:


  19. >Looks like a bloody intense trailer. I'm so gonna buy the game.

  20. >Looks like it'll be good, but I have been fooled by trailers before.

  21. gcphillips1 says:

    >wow pretty intense, at 2.40 all I could here in my head was "WILLSOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

  22. Evan says:

    >its an awesome trailer. my roommate said that its being talked about as one of the most controversial trailers/cinematics ever cuz the little girl dies i guess.

  23. >Ooh that looks so good!

  24. Sam Hampitts says:

    >Take my moneyright now, that shit was intense.

  25. mtn says:

    >intense stuff, i really enjoyed it

  26. >Damn that looks gnarly. The music is so epic, shit, the whole concept of the trailer is epic. I love those zombie games!

  27. Reilly says:

    >i wanna frickedy watch this but damn smallband is stopping me to see all the awesomeness 😦

  28. >that looks absolutely spectacular!!is it just me or does the start of the first one remind you of lost?

  29. ChefJRH says:

    >that was an awesome trailer, know what platforms its going to be on?

  30. Con Queso says:

    >This is an incredible trailer. A lot of emotion.

  31. DEZMOND says:

    >I hear they are now trying to sell the film rights for DEAD ISLAND!

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