>First MineCraft Frag Movie!


A MineCraft Frag Movie
This is super intense!

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I love video games :)
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20 Responses to >First MineCraft Frag Movie!

  1. Polybius says:

    >Now if only someone could make a FPS interface with a scoreboard and that kind if stuff.

  2. Major.Mack says:

    >huh? thats minecraft. why all the hype?

  3. >I had to google Minecraft to see what it was. How… oddly fun looking. I may check this out… when I actually have free time.

  4. Brut says:

    >i ❤ MINECRAFT

  5. ec92 says:

    >Almost as good as those Hunting game videos with death metal in the background.

  6. Rawr says:

    >nice vid 😀 I ❤ Minecraft

  7. >HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAI loved the jump light placement. I was so EPIC!!Minecraft just isn't that epic… Made my day

  8. Bart says:

    >lol the video was kinda lame, but it was short so thats aite. also was that a NIN song?

  9. Veno says:

    >Hahaha. I think this was funnier than it should have been (I'm slightly drunk). I love this game!

  10. Niko says:

    >Oh man that was awesome!

  11. Lendo Khar says:

    >With Minecraft graphics, it looks like a trailer from the first Doom. With less demons and more sheeps.

  12. Gaf says:

    >fuck thats epic 😀

  13. phil says:

    >This is actually quite cool 🙂

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