>Frictionless Cars in GTA:IV


Turning Off Wheel Friction in GTA: IV
Hilarity ensues. 

Youtube user Dot12321 found a way to set the wheel friction values in GTA IV to a negative value, the resulting madness is documented in the below videos. 

Turning off the friction in GTA IV means delving into your GTA IV data file which can be found in the ‘common’ folder of your GTA IV directory. Once there open up handling.dat and change the value for each car to a negative figure.

Or you could simply swap the file with this one , if you’re feeling lazy :p


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30 Responses to >Frictionless Cars in GTA:IV

  1. Gaf says:

    >looks so fun 😛

  2. Lendo Khar says:

    >Oh boy, my favorite part is when Nico is talking with his cousin and a car steals his cellphone.

  3. Romeo Tango says:

    >Funny stuff. Makes me want to re-install GTA IV.

  4. >Oh my god. I could not stop laughing. That was amazing (and totally unexpected).

  5. >Madness, irritating………. but strangely compelling and brilliant.

  6. PvtCarlin says:

    >This is really funny for really no reason!

  7. yermolay says:

    >rofli've gotta get this game, looks like tons of fun

  8. >i have it on xbox so i cant really mod it =(

  9. AssortedNews says:

    >Wow, that was awesome! Nice videos.

  10. Rawr says:

    >second vid at 1:13, lol xD

  11. Dudemeister says:

    >Holy shit! It's bedlam!!

  12. Bassislv says:

    >HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, i lol'd so hard here, I still have this game installed going to try this,

  13. Rob says:

    >That was hilarious! I love it! It makes me wish I still had GTA so I could do this myself.

  14. Con Queso says:

    >LOL, I'm SO tempted to redownload GTA 4 on steam again and give this a try, so hilarious. CARS EVERYWHERE!

  15. Teutorix says:

    >Thanks for the idea, I'll give it a try to spice up the game!

  16. >This had me almost falling out of my chair from laughing so hard.

  17. mtn says:

    >oh my god, have to install gta4 again. looks like so much fun

  18. shishimaru says:

    >LOL! I suck at driving in that game! I cant imagine with that turned on! Id kill everything in sight and then some!

  19. Mot Buchanan says:

    >I think that would be fun for a few min… but I would get tired of it quick.

  20. >Hahahah seen this before, it's hilarious!

  21. >Might give that a whorl. Looks like a lot of fun.

  22. Reilly says:

    >Can't wait on GTAV 😀

  23. DK says:

    >best part it the motorcycle on bridge!

  24. ChefJRH says:

    >Damn that looks awesome.

  25. G says:

    >total carnage – brilliant vids

  26. Major.Mack says:

    😡 too bad i only have on ps3

  27. Frosty says:

    >Daaamn, that's pretty funny. Also impressive how much it shows off the physics when you can shoot a car and make it spin out with no friction

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