>Minecraft Commercial: "Diamonds"


Minecraft Commercial: Diamonds
Get Diamond Picks or Die Trying! 

Where My Creepers At?


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I love video games :)
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9 Responses to >Minecraft Commercial: "Diamonds"

  1. trippinkets says:

    >lol wtf thats awesome

  2. Das Auto! says:

    >am i the only person who doesn't play this game?

  3. >whats this game supposed to be about anyway?

  4. gekomaster says:

    >Is that commercial real? it is FANTASTIC

  5. thenitefalls says:

    >Lol this commericial was epic!

  6. Niko says:

    >Is this an official commercial? Because that was AWESOME! Diamonds!

  7. >WTF!!! SO what's Minecraft all about?

  8. runewake2 says:

    >WTF! Stole his face.

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