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>Let’s Play Hitman: Blood Money

> Aka Tales of a Clumsy Assassin So this was my first contract in the video game Hitman: Blood Money and well– it didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would. Advertisements

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>Frictionless Cars in GTA:IV

> Turning Off Wheel Friction in GTA: IV Hilarity ensues.  Youtube user Dot12321 found a way to set the wheel friction values in GTA IV to a negative value, the resulting madness is documented in the below videos.  Turning off the friction … Continue reading

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>Dead Island’s New Trailer is Intense

> Dead Island’s New Trailer A very powerful video palindrome Dead Island has was first announced back in 2007 and information has been very scarce since then. Today Techland (the games developer) released an announcement trailer, which is not only … Continue reading

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>Hayden Plays: Amnesia Part 3

> Hayden Plays: Amnesia The Dark Decent: Part 3 Hayden continues his journey through Amnesia, making his way to the refinery and the dreaded water part. Watch as a video game slowly starts to weigh on his sanity. [

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>Portal 2: Co-op trailer

>anyone else super excited? video game colleges, video game development schools, game design colleges, video game design colleges, video game development courses, game design & development, video game design degree, video game design schools, video game development school, video game … Continue reading

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>Europe will be getting Pokemon: Black & White before North America

> Europe will be getting Pokemon Black and White a couple of days prior to the States, the EU version will be released March 4th. The NA is slated for a March 6th release. Meanwhile the Japanese have been playing … Continue reading

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>Electronic Arts promises Battlefield 3 Unveiling Soon!

> The publisher confirmed to the media it will host an unveil event for the game on Mar. 1, 2011, taking place during the week of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Additionally, EA says it will also have … Continue reading

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