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>Starcraft 2 – Debo’s Banshee Harassment

> “Debo plays for the crowd, not to actually win” Debo simply does not care how you want him to play StarCraft 2, he will dominate you regardless.  “I’m pokin’ ya shit, are you gettin’ mad?” “I got two banshees, … Continue reading

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>Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos in Real Life

>What happens when you recreate Street Fighter IV’s Ultra Combos in real life? It’s highly stylized action that is just fun to watch. Watch Thousand Pounds video to find out for yourself: The last one is my favorite 🙂 video … Continue reading

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>Every MMO in a nutshell

>I thought this was hilarious, what do you think? and before you ask, someone made this into a real game, and you can play it here. (just type anything you want in for the login/password) video game colleges, video game … Continue reading

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